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This is a personal blog. The blog provides content for general information only. The information in the blog constitutes my opinion about products. I’m not a professional or a certified expert in nail care, beauty or makeup.

 In the blog content, I only share my thoughts about the products and how they worked for me personally.  I’m in no way trying to influence you to buy or not to buy the products I review.  What works for me it may not work for you and what doesn’t work for me it may work for you.  The blog content should never be taken as advice or fact. As much as I try  I cannot guarantee that the information in the blog is up to date, correct or even complete. Also with time my opinion about products may change has I may have found a better product, or the product doesn’t work for me anymore. Use your own judgment before making any decisions based on the blog information. The author makes no Warranty of any kind.

Any  Sponsored content or advertisement (paid content) will be clearly marked and will not reflect my opinion. All samples and free gifts  I have received for free will be marked as Pr samples. Pr samples submitted to the blog are for consideration only. I will decide when, how and if the product is even mentioned on the blog. I cannot guarantee a positive review or any review at all.
All the blog content and pictures are my property. You are not allowed to copy, duplicate, or publish without my express writing permission. All my pictures have a watermark. Sometimes it may happen that I use images taken from the internet that I think are in the public domain. If by any chance you see an image that is yours, and you do not want me to use it. Please contact me by leaving a comment on the article in question and I’ll remove the image as soon as I can.

I am not responsible, nor will be held liable, for anything anyone says in my blog comments. I do reserve the right to delete and not publish personal remarks or spam.

Sometimes may be difficult to catch the products true colors has the colors may vary depending on the camera settings and lighting conditions at the time the picture was taken.

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