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I already reviewed the I Heart Makeup Bronze and Glow palette and today I have for you a review for the I Heart Makeup Light & Glow Palette. The packaging is made of plastic and it does look sturdy to me.
The pattern of the packaging is like a pink chocolate melting to a white chocolate. The product comes with 11g and was made in China. The texture of the product when swatch with the fingers feels very creamy  and that is probably because of the liquid paraffin that is in the ingredients list of the palette. One think I find curious is that the packaging says for adults use only. The  blush and highlighter colours blend very well and the product is not as powdery as the previous palette I reviewed. For my skin tone the blush is very light, it is a nice blush but I feel it has quite of a sheen . For me if you apply the blush you don’t really need a highlighter to go with it. The highlighter is a pretty gold shade but  can be very intense if not blended properly. Overall, I do like  the palette for the price but  its not my favorite product.