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Ebay affordable Rose Gold Toothbrush Elite Oval Makeup Brushes Review

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It took me a long time to decide to buy these brushes as I thought it wouldn't be something for me. How wrong was I. I bought from Ebay this professional set of makeup brushes for only £8.99.
My set doesn't come with a box. If you want them in a box you will have to pay a bit more. The Oval makeup set comes with 10 brushes. When I open them up I notice straight away the bigger face brush was  a bit misshaped but luckily still works very well on the skin. Also the biggest eyeshadow brush the bristles came unglued straight away so I had to glue it back and was also misshapen that brush I  don't use at all.  Another thing I notice was that some bristles came of and has they are synthetic I was surprised by that. Once I wash them, the bristles haven't come out anymore.  I really love the set, the brushes are dense and very soft on the skin. I don't use then for blending has I found they can over blend products but I do like then a lot to apply the products on the face. Now from left to right I'm going to tell you for what the brush is for and for what I actually use it. 

1- Bigger brush Foundation brush. I actually only use this brush for setting powder because I find it too big to apply foundation even powder one.
2- Blush Brush- This brush I use it for liquid foundation. I find that it gives a very natural look to the skin. 
3-Powder brush. I use this brush to apply blush has it's the perfect size for me. I do use as well a fluffy brush to blend the blush. 
4- concealer brush. I do use this blush for powder or liquid concealer. I did buy another one same size so I can use one for liquid and one for powder to set my concealer.
5- Contour brush. I us this one for liquid or powder contour. It gives a sharp line. I also use a fluffy brush to blend the contour. 
6-Eye shadow brush. This one I don't use because I  find it too big and also came misshapen. 
7- Eyebrow brush. I find it to big for eyebrow and almost don't use this brush
8-Eyeliner brush. I don't use gel liner anymore so I actually like this one for applying brow pomade.
9-Face blender brush this one is exactly the same as the brush bellow( at least on my set) I use this one and the below one to apply lipstick, eyeshadow on the crease or even highlighter. 
10- Eyeshadow brush (see brush 9)
Bottom line I do think this is a really nice brush set. and i would recommend it to a friend. That's all for today post. Have a great day. Check out my other review of makeup brushes inspired on the Real Techniques

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