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Maybelline blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Maybelline blushed Nudes Palette

I love  eyeshadow palettes. I don’t own not even one  single shadow, i just like the convenience of having a few shadows in a palette so I don’t take too long looking for colours.
I bought both the nudes and the blush palette for  only £5 each on a offer a few months ago. Let’s take a look at the Maybelline blush palette.

Texture: Bit powdery
Pigmentation: Inconsistent. Some shades have good pigmentation others not so good. Best used with a eyeshadow primer. Some colours need to be build up to show on the eyes

Colors: .  12 colours.  Mostly shimmer eyeshadows. Nice for everyday looks.

Price: £9.99  decent price but you can grab it cheaper when Maybelline has offers.

Quantity: 9.6g

Packaging: See through plastic rose gold package

Expiration Date: 24 months
Maybelline blushed Nudes swatches

Maybelline blushed Nudes makeup

Overall, is a ok palette if you consider the price. They could have made it better and a bit more pigmented. I still wear it has I like rosy nude shades but it does not compare with higher end brands. Above you can see a look i did using some of the eyeshadows from the maybelline blushed nudes palette.Did you bought this palette? What you think of it?


  1. I didn't buy this one, but it looks really lovely :)

    1. its nice but the quality of the eyeshadows couls have been better :)


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