Mac Impassioned Lipstick Dupe with Lip swatches

I was looking if I could find a similar shade to Mac impassioned lipstick has i find it to be an amazing colour . Mac has great lipsticks but lets be real Mac lipsticks are getting quite expensive nowadays. I did find a similar colour to mac impassioned even though is a bit  more coral I would say it's a 95% dupe. Mac impassioned it's a bright coral pink shade with an amplified finish. For those of you that don't know what an amplified finish means. Amplified finish lipsticks have great coverage and feel creamy on the lips. The colour I found similar to impassioned was Revlon love that pink. 
Love that pink also has an amazing coverage and it's very comfortable to wear. Love that pink it's  a bright coral pink but is  just a bit more coral that  Mac impassioned. For some of you  the Revlon shade  might be even better than the Mac one specially  if you prefer more coral than pink.The only down side is that love that pink is not available in the UK shops. I got mine online on Ebay a few years ago for £3.50.
Like I said previously Revlon love that pink is a bit more coral than  Mac impassioned but the difference to me is not that noticeable once you apply it on your lips.  I added lip swatch so you can see better the difference. What do you think is it similar enough for you or not?

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  1. wow, these two are so similar! x

  2. Oooh, I think they look really cute together like that. Just barely different enough to create a subtle two-tone effect. That's how I would wear them. ^_^

  3. what a wonderful shade ideal for spring! It suits you a lot =)
    have a wonderful day dear,

  4. oh i have to go to drugstore to get the revlon love that pink! And truly i do love both lipstick! I love the shine it gives! Looks gorgeous :)

  5. sao muito semelhantes mesmo D:

  6. Wow these are definitely dupes! I love this color!

  7. Both tones are very similar. Maybe, I prefer Mac...

  8. Both shades are gorgeous! I think I like the Revlon one just a little more because it's warmer and I'm always drawn to warmer shades. :)

    ~ Yun