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I Heart Makeup Light & Glow Palette

I Heart Makeup Light & Glow Palette

I already reviewed the I Heart Makeup Bronze and Glow palette and today I have for you a review for the I Heart Makeup Light & Glow Palette. The packaging is made of plastic and it does look sturdy to me.

I Heart Makeup Bronze and Glow Palette

I Heart Makeup Bronze and Glow

Hello. Hope you all having a wonderful week. The Weather it's been great. Today I'm going to talk a little bit about my thoughts on the I heart makeup bronze and glow palette. If you want to see me apply the product on my face and a video review just clique the video at the end of the page .

Sleek Matte Me up Lipstick Swatches

Liquid lipsticks have came out a few years ago but I was never interested in trying them out. Has an older women I always found that the lipsticks always looked very drying on the lips even in Younger

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter Review


TheBalm Mary Lou Manizer is a extremely popular highlighter a few years ago. Now we have lots of different highlighters but I think Mary Lou Manizer is still a great highlighter. 

No7 Perfectly bronzed Duo Bronzer Review

No7  Perfectly bronzed Duo  Bronzer

 I had a voucher for the No7 line so I decided to use the voucher to buy the No7  Perfectly Bronzed Duo  Bronzer. The packaging is nice made of plastic with a oval kind of shape.  The product comes

Revlon Primrose Ultra HD Lipstick Swatch

Revlon  Lipstick

I found this lipstick in a discount shop for only £2. I never tried the Revlon HD lipsticks so I decided to give it a try. I think they cost retail £4.99. On the website it says the Ultra HD Lipsticks have a

Unicorn Makeup Brushes, jelly Flower lipstick and Flame Blending Brush

makeup brushes

Today I have a unicorn brush set to show you, a flower balm and a flame blending brush all very affordable products. I must say I think the unicorn brushes are so adorable. They have

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Makeup Look

too faced chocolate bar makeup look

The other I was looking at my eyeshadow palettes and realized I haven't used the Too Faced chocolate bar palette in a long time. I thought to myself how could that be possible has I really enjoy the colour selection of the palette has can be worn for everyday looks. So I pick it up from my drawer and started using it straight away. This is an easy and quick look. I does look really nice on the eyes and the colors are so easy to blend and work with. 

Colors used- I applied Marzipan eyeshadow  on the lid and crease and them aplied on half of the lid  on top of marzipan Gilded Ganache
Mascara- Laura Maybelline Colossol Mascara
Eyeliner- I didn't apply eyeliner instead I used  Triple Fudge  eyeshadow
If you like purple makeup check out my Maccosmetics Makeup Look

And that's the post for today I hope you liked my makeup look. Have a great day 😊

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