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Urban Decay Green Makeup Look

 Urban decay  Green Makeup Look

I have  a green Makeup look for you guys today. Very rare I use green Makeup has I prefer more neutral looks. But Nevertheless, I think sometimes is nice to change up a bit. This Urban Decay

Mac Up the Amp Lipstick Review with Lip Swatches

The best time to wear purples lips in my opinion is in the Winter. Purple is just a colour that suits Winter so well. Purple can be created by mixing red and blue and it's a colour to be said great for
meditation. It's also a colour of wisdom, ambition and magic🌙.  I tried a few purple lipsticks but in

Feathers and Flowers Nail Art


Today I'm going to show you a feather and flowers nail design I did. When I was Young I liked to collect feather specially the peacock ones. One day someone told me that feathers bring bad luck and I got rid of all my feather. Now that I think about it is sad that until today i will not pick up a

Affordable and wearable Makeup Look

affordable makeup

 It's been a while since I wore eyes makeup and that is because in the Summer  my face "melts"  and any makeup I wear a side  of lipstick, foundation and blush melts away during the day. Now the weather is getting colder so I can do a few looks without worrying of having to take a pick at the

Mac Lickable Lipstick lip swatch

Mac Lipstick

Such a long time I don't buy any Mac lipsticks. Are they still popular? I guess now with so many new great formulas I think they are not as popular as before.  Maybe is just me overthinking it but also they stopped being a  cruelty free brand which I  find it very sad.  Anyway, I have today a lipstick that

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick- Sweet Pink Lip Swatch

Maybelline Sweet Pink

Sorry for the lack of posts but had lots of internet connection problems that now looks like they are fix since I changed provider. I'm starting off by showing yo a lipstick. Maybelline Sweet Pink is a color that makes me look like a Ghost. It might be a colour nice for fair skin tones but for me it does

Bourjois Round Blush Rose D'Or 34- Blush Swatch and Review

Bourjois Rose D'or Blush

In my opinion Bourjois blushes give a very natural look to the cheeks. Some are quite hard to work with has the formula is quite stiff but others are easier. I'm sure you heard Bourjois blushes being

Gosh Flamingo Nail Polish

Gosh Flamingo Nails

 Gosh Flamingo is a great colour for Summer. This is the kind of colour that makes me happy when I look at it. I don't hear to many people talking about Gosh nail polishes but I do think they have quite
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