Affordable and wearable Makeup Look

 It's been a while since I wore eyes makeup and that is because in the Summer  my face "melts"  and any makeup I wear a side  of lipstick, foundation and blush melts away during the day. Now the weather is getting colder so I can do a few looks without worrying of having to take a pick at the mirror every 1h to check if all is in place. Today I have a quite easy and wearable look for you. The stars on the palette mean that is the color I used for the look. You can see that this look  is not too complicated as i only used 3 colors from the makeup revolution iconic 2 palette. Don't forget also to check out my Urban decay Naked 3 Eyes Makeup. Do you Wear makeup all year around or more seasonal? Does you makeup also "melts" during the Summer?

affordable makeup

makeup revolution

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Mac Lickable Lipstick lip swatch

Such a long time I don't buy any Mac lipsticks. Are they still popular? I guess now with so many new great formulas I think they are not as popular as before.  Maybe is just me overthinking it but also they stopped being a  cruelty free brand which I  find it very sad.  Anyway, I have today a lipstick that i don't own but I was able to swatch it so you can see how it looks on the lips. Mac Lickable is a cremesheen and in my experience with other cremesheens they  don't last very long. After 1 year they start to smell a bit funny which means shelf life is gone. It might be just the ones I had but that's what happen to my ones. 
Lickable is a vibrant Summery pink. I think  is also a color  not to hard to find  a dupes for it.  To me Mac  impassioned amplified finish  is a very close color to lickable maybe a bit more coral than pink but not a major difference at least on my lips. The color doesn't last too long on the lips but is very creamy and not drying t all.   If you like orange shades Check out my Mac so Chaud lipstick swatch.  Do you like Mac lipsticks or you find them not that special ? 

Mac Lipstick

Mac Lickable lip swatches

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Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick- Sweet Pink Lip Swatch

Sorry for the lack of posts but had lots of internet connection problems that now looks like they are fix since I changed provider. I'm starting off by showing yo a lipstick.
Maybelline Sweet Pink is a color that makes me look like a Ghost. It might be a colour nice for fair skin tones but for me it does not suit me at all. Lucky, I bought it for £2 on sale and has it didn't have a tester I thought I wouldn't loose too  much if it didn't suit me. How right was I :) For some reason in the tube looks quite nice but on my lips is too white. You also can check out the swatch of the Maybelline Petal Pink lipstick Now, let's take a look at Maybelline  Sweet Pink lipstick.

Maybelline Sweet Pink

Maybelline Sweet Pink

Price: £6.99  (Bought it on sale for £2 in discount shop)
Finish: Very  Sheer with shimmer
Colour: Nude Pink ( on my lips looks like a white pink)
Formula:  Sheer takes a few swipes to see colour on lips. Doesn't dry the lips
Staying Power: None. Comes off easily after drinking or eating.

Overall, not a colour for me but if you have fair skin tone and like sheer lipstick it might work on you.

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Bourjois Round Blush Rose D'Or 34- Blush Swatch and Review

In my opinion Bourjois blushes give a very natural look to the cheeks. Some are quite hard to work with has the formula is quite stiff but others are easier. I'm sure you heard Bourjois blushes being compared to Chanel blushes but to me the Chanel blushes are much easier to work with as the formula is softer. If you interested you also can check out  review of the Bourjois Delice De Poudre Duo .  Aside of that the bourjois blushes do look quite similar to the Chanel ones. Let's take a look.....

Bourjois Rose D'or Blush

Bourjois round blush

Color: Peach with a hint of pink with gold  shimmers
Formula: Baked. Not the most easy to apply but gives a nice Peach/pink  color to the cheeks.
Scented: Yes. Rose fragrance
Finish:  Subtle Shimmer 
Quantity: 2,5g (small compared with other blushes)
Staying power:  On me not very long lasting around 4 hours

Overall, the blush look so nice on the skin, it's just a shame the formula  is a bit stiff and does not last that long on my skin. I wish bourjois reformulated these so the formula would be a bit better to work with has they also tend to dry over time. 

Have you tried any bourjois round  blushes? What's your favourite?
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Gosh Flamingo Nail Polish

 Gosh Flamingo is a great colour for Summer. This is the kind of colour that makes me happy when I look at it. I don't hear to many people talking about Gosh nail polishes but I do think they have quite nice colours and I also like the formula of the ones I have. Let's take a look at Gosh flamingo.

Gosh Flamingo Nails

Price: £3.99
Colour: Bright Pink 
Opacity:  1 to 2 coats for full opacity
 Drying time: Takes some time to completely dry
Finish: creme with a nice shine

Do you like Gosh Nail polishes? What's your favourite colour from them? You can also check out Gosh French Dream Swatch

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Makeup Look Bright Blue

The other day I  was playing around with some colours and thought even though I wouldn't wear this look everyday  it would look nice for a special occasion.  I like how bright it is and how it makes my eye colour pop. For this look I just used 2  eyeshadow colors so its quite easy to do. Let's take a look at my makeup look.....

Bright blue makeup

Eyeshadow: Lid(Urban Decay Chaos) ,Crease (Urban decay Laced) 

What you think of this look. To bright or would you wear it?
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Nail Art DragonFly and Grapes

Did this stamping design the other day but I think the grapes are not very well made. Maybe because the stamping plate is old and it didn't transfer well to the stamp. Anyway, to try to make the grapes look nicer I added some rhinestones. Honestly, I  think it didn't improve too much. I do like the dragonfly so I decide to still show you.  I also think the first picture is the best when I did the design without the china glaze shimmer topcoat. 

Dragonfly nail art

 Stamping Dragonfly Nails

Products used
Base coat
Top coat
Essie romper room
China Glaze fairydust
Konad m5 nail plate
bm05 nail plate
green and black stamping polish

What do you think of this manicure? do you prefer the first picture without the shimmer topcoat or the second picture with the  shimmer topcoat? Don't forget to check out my Bright Nail Art
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Barry M Coconut Infused Laguna Swatches

Barry M came out with some new nail paints infused with coconut. On the website Barry M says" Barry M Coconut Infusion is an entirely new and innovative Nail Paint formulation. Its unique, caring blend of Coconut Water and Coconut Oil gently hydrates and nourishes nails while delivering a beautifully smooth, gel-like glossy manicure..."   I bought one of the colours to try out and is in fact quite a nice polish.

Price: £4.99
Colour: Pastel blue 
Opacity: 2 coats for full opacity
 Drying time:Good drying time
Finish: creme with a nice shine

 This is a beautiful polish  have you tried this new formula? What you think of it?
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